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One Man's Journey to Conquer the Darkness of Dyslexia

This book is an autobiography that chronicles the life of a remarkable man who overcame his learning disabilities and other major difficulties to become a highly respected and successful adult.

For many, only one of these issues he faced would have been enough of a reason to give up. Not so with Likewise who always found creative solutions in order to grow and succeed. It was his desire to share these experiences with others in hopes that he could help them realize their potential no matter what challenges they face.



Brilliant and well written. It provoked tears and laughter. Beyond captivating, creative personal accountings, Likewise offers advice. He addresses bullying, fear, practical methods of self-therapy to conquer adversity. His mastermind of "spiking anxiety" is genius. It left me wishing I had thought of that. I plan to read Ambitious a second time and highly recommend it to family, friends, and patients. In the book is Likewise's website, and it is a must see. I was astonished at the talents this man possesses. He is undeniably ambitious. - L.C. Green MD


Ambitious is a deeply personal and private revelation of one man's often painful journey toward overcoming the daily obstacles which loomed over and threatened him at every turn. Against all odds, and with sheer persistence and determination, he was able to find self confidence and success. His story is a peeling back of many layers, beneath which we find dyslexia at the core. It is a lesson in optimism and creativity that touches our own essence. By baring his deepest and darkest secrets, Likewise teaches us that there is much to learn from our challenges and that there is hope and strength in adversity.  Ambitious is a well written, wonderful read for all, with much wisdom to be found within its pages. It will make you

smile. -Lori Ripps, MD

A quick read that I couldn't put down. I loved the creative ways he used to teach himself to learn.
Even though we had very different socioeconomic childhoods, I can identify with the bullying and shame felt by the author. I was blown away by this mans courage and fortitude. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
-Jill B. 

Twisted Art by Likewise

My twisted art is unique—often combining elements of nature with modern and unconventional components. Study the pieces carefully and you are sure to be surprised!